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Tanzania: land of safaris, nature, culture and wildlife.

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Beach & Safari Holidays Zanzibar & Serengeti

8 Days - Start with Stone Town's culture, followed by Serengeti's wildlife to the maximum and end on a Zanzibar beach. Starting from 2.147 USD

Zanzibar & Selous / Nyerere National Park

13 Day – Combine beach, safari and culture in this complete holiday package, including 3 nights in UNESCO World Heritage Site Selous. Starting from 1.785 USD

Land of safaris, nature, culture and wildlife.

Discover our own Africa Safari accommodations

Discover our accommodations in Tanzania

Let us prepare an unforgettable holiday, we'll arrange everything for you

Africa Safari Lake Manyara

Located between the foothills of Ngorongoro crater and Lake Manyara

Africa Safary Lake Natron

A luxury safari lodge, accessible to the Northern Circuit National parks

Africa Safari Serengeti Ikoma

Situated within the Serengeti Ecosystem and just 300 metres from the National Park

Africa Safari Selous

Situated just outside the Selous GR (Nyerere National Park) in southern Tanzania

Africa Safari Arusha

Placed in a quiet environment, offering comfortable accommodation

Africa Safari Maasai Boma

Unique accommodation, not only because of its ideal location, but also due to its design.

Africa Safari South Serengeti

The ideal place to stay between Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater.

Africa Safari Karatu

A luxury safari lodge located on the edge of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, offering a 180-degree view of the Ngorongoro Highlands.

Africa Safari Rift Valley

Located on the south of Lake Manyara with the famous Great Rift Valley as its surroundings.

Africa Safari Saadani

Africa Safari Saadani

Nestled at the edge of Saadani National Park, Africa Safari Saadani combines wild encounters with serene relaxation. Opening in 2025

Kilimanjaro mountain Tanzania snow capped under cloudy blue skies captured whist on safari in Africa Kenya.

Africa Safari Kilimanjaro

Located close to Kilimanjaro International Airport. A comfortable and convenient lodge for when arriving in Tanzania for a safari adventure of a lifetime or preparing to conquer the iconic Kilimanjaro. Opening in 2025

Aerial view of Nyerere national Park in Tanzania

Africa Safari Nyerere

A luxury safari lodge located right next to Nyerere National Park, the perfect place to rest after your safari adventures. Opening in November 2024

Africa Safari Serengeti Kusini

Africa Safari Serengeti Kusini

A comfortable accommodation located in Southern Serengeti National Park, a famous location during the Calving Season.

Unlimited Possibilities

We would like to show you the beauty and richness of Tanzania

At Paradise & Wilderness, we have unlimited possibilities. We offer tours for individuals or groups. Tell us your dreams and we can tailor your wishes.



Annual migration in the Serengeti

Close your eyes and dream of the Safari trip of a lifetime. The annual migration in the Serengeti is undoubtedly one of the greatest natural spectacles that can be seen in Tanzania. Because of our accommodations at Lake Natron, and in the north-west and north-east Serengeti, you will always be close to the animals. Our professionals will help you design the perfect trip, so you don’t miss the annual wildebeest migration or any other event worth seeing.

Authentic Round Trip

It won’t be a round trip on the same route!

At Paradise & Wilderness, you have unlimited possibilities. Most companies follow the traditional routes, but because we have our accommodation on the most strategic spots, we can follow the natural routes that the animals take, and thus we are able to show the beauty of Tanzania and its wildlife at its best.

Enjoy the impressive lunar-like landscape of Lake Natron on the border with Kenya, the migration in the Serengeti and then through the Ngorongoro crater to Lake Manyara. Here you will have the opportunity to relax in the pool of our Lodge at the end of your trip.

Would you like to extend your trip and get to know the tropical island of Zanzibar?


The Big Five

Face to face with the Big Five

Have your camera ready, because at Paradise & Wilderness nature gives you the opportunity to find the Big Five.

Choose one of our special packages or let us design a Big Five search package with you, according to your wishes. We adapt to your needs in all aspects of your trip.

Locate the Big Five (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard) in the unique and incredible Ngorongoro Crater, one of the best National Parks in Africa where you can enjoy these animals.

Safari Activities

We would like to show you the beauty and richness of Tanzania

We offer you the beauty and richness of the incredible land of Tanzania - the land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the world-famous Safari National Parks. Our Beach Resorts and Safari Lodges will make your experience with us an unforgettable one.



The best part of your trip

Our Safari guides are trained to spot the animals and explain everything you want to know. Don’t be afraid, you will be completely safe. Make the most of all the beauty you will see along the way: zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions, impalas and other wildlife in the country. You usually see them on TV, but now you can see them with your own eyes and experience them up close.




Animals are much more active at night than during the day

An unforgettable experience that is only allowed in a limited number of natural parks in Tanzania. At Paradise & Wilderness, we have our own 4x4 Safari Jeeps and all the specific permits for the Night Safari at Lake Manyara or in the northern Serengeti. First, we will admire the sunset and then we will use a big spotlight to detect the nocturnal animals, which are much more active late afternoon and at night than during the day.



Get to know the surroundings of your Lodge with a local guide Bondei

Step into the footprints of the elephants and let your guide teach you about all the special facts of the natural environment in which you find yourself. Meet the “Small 5” and learn how the local population uses nature as medicine. And don’t be afraid of dangerous species, because you will always be accompanied by an experienced guide Bondei and two Maasai.

Two Masai warriors standing and looking away, soft focus


Real-life in Tanzania

The best way to get to know a country is to see how its inhabitants live. Learn how the local people live, where they go to school or run their errands. Learn about their habits and culture. A Tanzanian speaks Swahili and is friendly and hospitable.

Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania - July 19th 2007, Tourists viewing giraffes from a boat.


Welcome on board our ship
Enjoy a Boat Safari on the Rufiji River, where the beauty of nature and wild animals can be admired from the water. Hundreds of hippos live in the river along with many other species such as crocodiles, elephants and different kind of birds.

Zanzibar, jewel of the Indian Ocean

Zanzibar, located on the east coast of Africa, is considered one of the jewels of the Indian Ocean.

Discover our accommodations in Zanzibar

Let our team prepare an unforgettable holiday and we will arrange everything for you!

Reef & Beach Resort ****

Located between the two villages of Jambiani and Makunduch, alongside 600 metres of seafront.

Paradise Beach Resort ****

Situated in Marumbi, on a pristine white beach, offering charming accommodation in traditional African style.

Zanzibar Bay Resort ****

Located next to Paradise Beach Resort, Zanzibar Bay Resort offers 104 rooms in a serene and relaxed seaside environment.

Dream Of Zanzibar *****

A boutique-style luxury resort, perfectly positioned on the endless white sands of Uroa along Zanzibar’s east coast.

Shaba Boutique Hotel ****

Situated within a charming, historic building, tucked away amongst the winding alleyways of Stone Town, just a 2-minute stroll from the waterfront.


Corals Of Zanzibar ****

Opening soon


Paradise Island Zanzibar ****

Coming soon (opening in July 2026)

Zanzibar Stone Town

The island of Zanzibar was attractive to many civilizations, all in search of new markets, adventures and new areas to explore.

The Persians traded with the Bantu tribe, developing the Swahili language and culture. Zanzibar was a powerful commercial centre, especially thanks to the spice trade. Towards the end of the 19th century, Zanzibar became a British protectorate from which it became independent in 1963.

One year later, however, Zanzibar became part of the Republic of Tanzania together with Tanganyika.

Giant turtoise in Prision island, near to Zanzibar in Tanzania, Africa, with close ups of them


Prison Island is named after the prison built there for islanders, but it was never used as such. Now the island is home to a tortoise shelter. Prison Island is located 20 minutes by boat from Stone Town and has some beautiful coral reefs. Giant tortoises walking through the trees, with the calm and parsimony that comes with their advanced age, reaching over 190 years!


Zanzibar also has a National Park, the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. It has an area of 50km2 and is home to the well-known local monkey, the “red Colobus”, which is in danger of extinction.

This species of monkey can be recognized by its black and white colours with red hair and pink spot around the nose and mouth. It is endemic to the island of Zanzibar. The “red Colobus” monkeys are very photogenic and accompanied by a guide, you will get very close to them. You can also take a walk through the old forest and mangroves.

Two red Colobuse Monkey in a rainforest of Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa

Zanzibar excursions

Zanzibar, located on the east coast of Africa, is considered one of the jewels of the Indian Ocean.

Nature and history go hand in hand on this island. Visit the historic Stone Town, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, or enjoy the sun on one of the island’s paradisiacal beaches. Discover the local wildlife (red Colobus monkey, for example) or use the island as a base for Safaris. Whatever you choose, Zanzibar is the ideal place for your holidays.

Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous state within Tanzania and consists of three main islands: Unguja (or Zanzibar), Pemba and Tumbatu Island.

zanzibar excursion snorkeling


Discover the underwater world of Mnemba

A short boat trip takes us to this place that is in the top 10 of the best snorkelling sites in the world. The waters are shallow and have a great variety of corals and about 600 species of fish, three species of dolphins, humpback whales... In short, it’s like snorkelling in an aquarium!

anzibar excursion Spice Farm Tour


The island of spices

In the old days, Zanzibar was known as the “island of spices”: cloves, vanilla, nutmeg or cardamom are exported all over the world. The spices, which originally came from Asia and South America, thrived perfectly in the island’s tropical climate. Walk with your guide through the spice farm. It will give you an insight into local life and you will have the opportunity to try some Swahili dishes and some local fruit, all accompanied by a good spiced tea.

anzibar excursion Stone Town Tour


Follow the trail of sultans, slaves and explorers through the streets of Stone Town

The guide’s stories will take you back in time. Discover the spice market, the many kinds of seafood sold in the fish market, the loaves of bread in the baskets and the fruit and vegetables piled up in the vendors’ stalls.


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