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"My holiday to Tanzania was too short to get to know this magical land, so I stayed here and made my dream job!

I now consider myself very lucky, with two beach resorts in Zanzibar, an Airport guesthouse in Dar es salaam, and the Africa Safari Camp in the Selous Game Reserve, one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Africa. The combination of culture, white sandy beaches and the largest Game Reserve in Africa make for an incredible holiday package. It was with this idea in mind that we created this website, so we can offer fantastic complete holidays in a simple format. I want as many people possible to get to know Tanzania and Zanzibar, with the incredible wealth of unspoiled nature, wildlife and friendly locals."

Whether you are visiting Tanzania for the first time, or are an annual guest, we make sure that everything is set up and organized for your stay. There are always English and Dutch speaking staff. Even our local staff can now speak a little Dutch! And they would also like to teach you a few words in Swahili.

We have our own local offices, accomodation, safari cars and a growing group of motivated employees to make sure your stay is comfortable and trouble free. We are also fully insured and licenced. We also have offices in Europe and Asia.

Meet our Beach & Safari consultant: Lucian


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“Karibu Tanzania, welcome!” Eight years ago, those were the words I heard when I arrived in Tanzania for the first time. It was early morning, I saw boys with towers of eggboxes on their bicycles, bonfires and many local “daladala’s” passing, packed with people. After an internship and several return visits I decided to pack my stuff and exchange the Netherlands for a life in the country of “hakuna matata”. I had no clue what this decision would bring me, but the call to an adventurous life and the sun where enough to leave my birth country.

I have been living in Tanzania for 6 years now, I found myself a wonderful Arabic husband and we got a lovely daughter. With this website I would love to inspire and help everyone in the world to visit this amazing country from North to South and from East to West.

Come and see the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar, the wild animals of Ngorongoro and Serengeti and the biggest game reserve of Africa: Selous.

I am saying “Karibu Tanzania.”